I started off the day with a quiche recipe I learned from someone doing the 50% adventure. She got the recipe here , but you can alter it a little to use all local ingredients.

Breakfast Quiche!

Breakfast Quiche!

We made ours with Potatoes from Mom, Eyking eggs, spinach and green pepper from Scenic Valley farm, and ham from Roak loaf farm. I was really tasty and filled me up for half of the day. The potato crust didn’t stick either… but that was due to the bacon fat used to grease the dish! mmmmm.

Although I wasn’t hungry at lunch time, I made myself eat because I knew that by afternoon I would be starving and not be able to find food. we made a lamb stew with the left-over lamb from a few days ago; adding leeks (roadside stand), potatoes (Mom’s) and carrots (Scenic Valley) along with some herbs. It was very tasty and cheap to make!

Local food at it's freshest and free-est!

Local food at it’s freshest and free-est!

For dinner I was in Sydney driving a kid to soccer and thought that I wouldn’t get dinner, beyond the Eyking tomatoes I scored at the Celtic Market in Bras d’Or. However, when I went to pick my daughter up at the house she is staying at they were having a wild mussel feast because the picked a ton of them yesterday! They were so amazing! Steamed in the oven with tomatoes and onion they had grown!

Then, perhaps the best part; I came home to a delicious glob of maple syrup sticky candy with walnuts that my husband made. (knowing that I am missing chocolate so badly!) He used a recipe he found here. This used about a cup of maple syrup, so the most expensive thing I ate all day, but there is lots left.

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